Thursday, September 6, 2012

New shop location

Holy moly, it's been almost a year since I've made a blog post here.  Well kind of with good reason as I shut my etsy shop down in the spring and took a bit of a break.  And as life gets busy things have a tendency to fall on the back burner.

However my fingers get way too itchy to be idle for too long.

I've brought my shop to a new location:  I found that I was tired of etsy nickle and diming me to death.  They charge you to post something for a limited time, then they charge you when you sell something, then they charge you to repost the same thing.  I was also tired of swimming in a sea of commercial companies vying their wears as home and hand made when they clearly were not.  Unless you spend 8+ hours a day on etsy promoting your etsy shop you get lost in the sea and no one ever sees you.  So thanks to a friend who pointed me in the direction of Big Cartel I have moved my shop there.  For a single monthly fee I can have my shop in peace and can concentrate more on my art then on trying to swim to the surface of etsy.

My next challenge is getting my new url - - to work correctly.  I'm still not sure whats going on but hopefully soon I can either get someone to figure it out for me, or figure it out myself.  So in the meantime my shop home is:

So in the meantime I've really started to bump up the activity on my facebook page.  Continually posting new items and coupon codes for discounts (be sure to go "like" my page to keep informed about discounts and such.

Sooooo one of the things that is new since I last posted anything is that I've been starting to get into Metal Clay.  I've had an interest in this for quite some time but wasn't really sure how to get started or where even to purchase the product.  By chance a coworker mentioned a class by Delia Marshellos-Traister down near Long Beach, CA and instantly I jumped on the opportunity signing up that same day.  It was a simple 2 hour introductory class but it was enough to stir my creative juices and convince me that this is something I clearly want to pursue.

This was the pendent I created from the class and I'm totally keeping it for myself!  It is Fine Silver with a lab grown purple sapphire.

The clay is a little different to get used to as it dries pretty quickly. We also happened to be in a very windy area because the place was hot and they were trying to keep the air circulating to keep it cool... so I'm hoping in my own home it wont dry so fast.

It's been a few days over two weeks since I took the class and I was hoping to get started right away however that hasn't happened yet as I've been acquiring the different equipment I need to get me started.  Last night I was able to get the remaining key supplies to get me started at home.  So I'm hoping that while watching "The Thing" tonight with my boyfriend I can get another pendant made.

This second pendant will not be on sale either, as it is a thank you gift for the aunt of a friend.  However once it is fired I will be sure to post pictures.  I do have a simple sketch of the design I hope to make.

It's a grape vine in a vinyard.  This last weekend my boyfriend and I were invited up to our friend's aunt & uncle's winery.  They were so very warm and inviting!  They made us lunch, showed us around their beautiful place, and we even got to go label some wine bottles for them.  And we left with a whole case of wine!  WOW!  That was completely unexpected and very sweet of them, considering all of the proceeds of their winery go to a non-for-profit charity. So needless to say I felt it was fitting to make her a Fine Silver pendant.

We'll see if it actually turns out anything like my sketch!  Hey - got to start somewhere right!

Ok, that's all for now.  I'm off to lunch!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Featured Spot, so featured?

A few new items on the steampunk front and a few items not. In hopes of bringing new traffic into my etsy neck of the woods, I bought a showcase spot last week for the necklace section of my shop. I had high hopes; unfortunately I think they were a bit too high. I didn't notice a significant spike in traffic. Though I should really go back and look at my etsy traffic statistics to see if I did actually increased traffic or not. Though I did sell my crochet fingerless mittens, which made me quite happy. Because they're just too darn cool not to be on someone's hands.

But because I have a day job and I'm not able to spend a significant amount of time on my shop and it's promotion, my traffic numbers are not where I would like them to be. Other then spamming my facebook friends and wearing stuff around, hoping that at some point something will catch someone's eye and they'll buy it, the eyes that see my work are few. So far that's only been the case three times that friends/family have bought something off of my shop. And at that rate, it isn't going to help me make any type of revenue back.

Now don't get me wrong, I really enjoy what I do for my hobbies, however at some point I need to earn back the hundreds and hundreds of dollars I've invested over the years in supplies. And that comes by increasing traffic to my shop. Now I'm sure if I had the time I really could get into the head of etsy and do the research and figure out how to promote my shop and get the traffic flowing... but time is the enemy here. So until I suddenly become a money tree and can quit my day job, I get to flounder around in the etsy world trying to figure it out on my own.

That being said, I have another showcase spot coming up this Wednesday. All in all by selling that 1 pair of gloves I made up for buying both showcase spots. Which in the end helps me feel like I didn't completely throw away $14; we'll really know how I feel after Wednesday has come and past and the earring part of my shop is up for showcase.

But, I'm sure what you really come here for is the pictures. Well that's why I go to any blog anyway, if it doesn't have pictures it very rarely holds my attention. Call it the 2 year old in me or the artist, I'm sure it's a combination of both.

This piece is something that took me quite a while to put together. As most of my other steampunk themed necklaces seemed to fly together this one did not flow as easily. In fact it probably took me over a month to craft it, playing with different combinations of what I thought looked good together and what didn't. I finally got so frustrated one day that I became quite determined to finish it and get it up on the site. Though I've finished it, I'm still not quite sure how I feel about it. But I did wear it to work the day after I finished it and was pleasantly surprised at how many compliments I got on it. It really does have a eclectic feel to it.

It would also be nice to have a model other then myself... or at least a tripod and a studio light. Having better photography on my adds I'm sure would really help for aesthetic appeal. I'm a visual being and I know that I will pop onto an add if I like the thumbnail. If the lighting or angle is bad I tend to keep scrolling and never take a look. The problem is since I work an 11 hour day I get home after dark, which means I need to take any photos either on the weekends or at night... and the light provided by the ceiling light in the room I rent just doesn't cut it. It casts a yellow low quality light that I believe just cheapens the images. So yes, a tripod and mobile light source (other then a lamp) would be a good thing if I'm stuck taking pictures of myself. Blurring out all the scarring on my chest gets old also. But having a model at my whim would be amazing. Though in reality it is much easier just to take pictures of myself because I don't have to work around someone else's schedule.

Anyway I realized this weekend that all of my pieces are getting bigger with each new one... especially the last one (above). I figured it might be good to tone it down a bit, which in turn would tone down the price a bit as well. Having a variety in price is always a good thing, at least in my book it is. So Saturday evening I made this:

I like the way it turned out. This is the first item that I'm using jewels to accent with. I was a little apprehensive about the jewels at first, but I think they work. The back of the piece is a part from a projector I bought from a thrift store for $3 and tore apart. I have all kinds of bits and pieces from it that I'll be using in future projects. It was the perfect size about an inch and a half by an inch and a half.

Anyway until next time...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Facebook page and Steampunk series start

Its about darn time I say! I finally have a facebook page for my etsy shop! Now you can go Like my shop! It's only been up a day so I could use the encouragement of seeing that "12 Likes" go up! Hopefully this will drive up traffic to my shop and get the word out!. Plus I wont have to continually be spamming my friends feeds with new etsy posts when I'm sure of them (guys) don't really care all that much. Though a few of my guy friends have "Liked" my page already. Which I totally appreciate the support from all of my friends.

Since my last post two days ago I have decided to add international shipping to my shop. Which, hopefully will expand my viewer pool even more. I'm really trying to figure out ways on how to drive traffic to my sight. Since I'm going to be doing more of my steampunk series I really think that will give me a nitch I've been lacking for a while now.

Which reminds me, I need to share some of my new etsy makes. This idea came to me a few months ago and I've been rolling it around in my head for quite some time. Because of this idea, I've been on the hunt for specific pieces to make it actually come to life. And along the way I happen to be collecting some really neat items. Unfortunately I haven't been able to make my new idea reality... yet (yes it's a secret); as I haven't found the right pieces to put it all together. Though, as a result of my collecting, I've started making a new line of items for my etsy shop. Since I don't have the right material to make my new idea a reality, just yet, I have created something else in the meantime. Alas my new steampunk series.

I have to admit I am having quite a blast with it. I have to stop myself from spending all of my free time working on this stuff because then I never get anything else done! I do have to find a nice balance though, between finding the time to create with my hands, and finding the time to do the other things I need to be doing!

Visit the links to view more images of each item.

Steampunk Sweet Memories Necklace
Steampunk Magic Hands Necklace

Steampunk Long Ago Sisters Necklace
Steampunk Houdini Straitjacket Necklace

Steampunk Hydrogen Fig 17 Necklace

I wrote this post out yesterday while I was using a different internet connection. And I saved it, instead of posting it, hoping to add more later. For some reason, now that I am at home, I'm not able to get any new pictures to upload onto this post today. So I guess that means the post is going up as is!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Never Die Art is to die for!

It's been waaaaaay too long since my last post and so much has happened between here and there. I have since moved out to LA to pursue my career as a 3D Artist. And this is the place to be if I want to get anywhere within the field. I've made a lot of new items for my etsy shop and have a whole new series of steampunk items I've been making. It's been a fun journey to see where things will go and it is unfortunate that I don't get to work on this stuff as much as I would like to. Jobs have a tendency to take away so much free time!

Anyway instead of writing a post on what I've been adding to my etsy shop, today I'm going to focus my attention on another etsy shop that I absolutely LOVE, NeverDieArt! In fact today I just purchased my first item from her, as I have been eyeing this print for a few weeks now.

I honestly can't stop looking through all of her pages. Her artwork is awesome! Her shop consists mostly of prints in different sizes ranging from 5x7 to 11x14 prints of her paintings at a nice low price. However if you just have to have the original painting, she sells those as well on her shop.

And if you're interested in seeing her process work you can add her on facebook as well, which I myself am about to go do!

And the freaking awesome print I just purchased!:

And this is the next one I hope to purchase

Dia de Los Muertos Sugar Skull Girl Portrait with Flowers

I could keep posting and posting but in all honesty you just need to go to her shop and check her stuff out. Then buy something!

Great art deserves to be celebrated!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A featured, feature!

This week I created a colorful treasury on etsy.

Chartreuse, an excellent drink of choice!

Where I featured my Chartreuse Charcoal Necklace and many other beautiful items that I came across on etsy. As a result my treasury was featured on one of the shop's blogs and I thought I would post it for you to see.

The blog is owned by SandFibers and the item I featured in my treasury was Pop Art Peyote. Going through her shop I have to say I really dig what I'm seeing. She's got a lot of funky cool items on there.

I also got an e-mail today from my friend Stacey (CreaShines) letting me know that she had featured one of my rings in her most recent treasury.

For some reason my computer is being a pain and I'm unable to capture a picture of the blog to post here. So go visit the link. It's a beautiful collection of cobalt blue items.

This is the ring of mine that she featured:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Welcome to RainCrow Creations

As you've noticed, today I decided it was time to start a blog just for my jewelry and other creations. This is in hopes of being able to bring something specifically geared to those who are interested in seeing what I'm created and to bring in new customers! This blog is an extention of my etsy shop where I make and sell different types of items. Mostly jewelery, however I also knit and crochet and create a few different items when the fancy strikes. My creative wiles tend to have seasons and I'll create a lot of something and then move onto something new, whatever type of creation it may be.

To view my shop you can visit:

I've had this shop for a few years, however this summer was the first time I was able to really focus my efforts onto making jewelry that I can sell. I taught myself how to knit and crochet off of youtube videos last December and my skills have progressively gotten better. However I am not a complex knitter (yet)as I am still fairly new at the art.

I have been beading/beadweaving and making jewelry for about 20 years now. Yes I started at a very young age and have been addicted ever since.
In May I graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL with a BFA in Computer Animation! It was such a cool major (and extremely hard stuff). Probably the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. I absolutely love the field that I was able to go into.

Here is my blog for all of my other art (which includes my 3D work, drawings/paintings, and photography:

Currently I am searching for work in the field of either film or video game computer animation. In the meantime I have been able to put some of my attention onto making jewelry and creating other things! Which is something I really haven't been able to touch the 4 years I was in college. I also have an AAS from ITT Technical Institute in Thornton, CO in Multimedia that I received in 2005.

So as you can see my life tends to gear around art and creating cool things! I have since I was a small child and hope to continue into my old age! It's in my blood!

Ok onto the fun stuff! Jewelry and other creations I've made. Everything I post on here is for sale (or has already been sold). I will post the links to my shop for each item for convenience if you decide you must have it!

A week ago today (December 9, 2010) I had my first booth ever! While I didn't make a ton of money - it was a great trial run. My booth was at my church for a Christmas Carnival the woman's group held there. Before hand I spent a lot of time working on new stuff for the booth (I was quite worried I wouldn't have enough inventory to fill an 8 ft table). When I got there and laid everything out I was shocked to see that it was full to over flowing! Since then it has been my goal to get all of my new product posted on my etsy shop, giving people enough time to buy stuff for Christmas gifts. So today I'm only posting some of my most recent inventory!

Ice and Blue Snow Flake Earrings